Why travel in Group? group trips can give you the chance to meet people and mingle with new friends. You’ll get to meet individuals and that crush that you have been eyeing in those group chats or social platform or people in general, who are also passionate about travel lifestyle and may have experiences that are similar to your own… There’s no greater bonding experience than traveling with others, sharing delicious food, laughter, sipping COCK-tail and doing adventurous activities together and that’s why GLAM GROUP VACATIONS are here to make that a reality for you after COVID-19, this pandemic won’t last forever and we shall soon regain our true power and freedom back.

Glam Group Vacations

3 thoughts on “SANYA EXPATS TRIP

  1. Awesome amazing work, I subscribed to your channel, followed your Instagram page and signed my email for upcoming vacation in China and outside China. I am from the UK 🇬🇧 my mother is from Vietnam. I truly admire your work and I cannot wait for your YouTube content- I know is going to be the BOOM 💥
    I wish you all the best

    Kind regards


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