Thailand It’s A Must

Ever wondered what is it like to travel like a celebrity or busy entrepreneur__between private villas, exclusive discounted accommodations, islands with crystalline waters, and poolside sipping champagne, as you read this blog; you’ll have a chance to escape from the monotonous drone of covid-19 reality with a ticket to some of the most luxury travel destinations in the world.

Thailand got stunning beaches, gigantic lush mountains, scrumptious food, friendly people, rich and diverse culture and party hot-spots, Thailand should definitely be on every traveler’s bucket list! I definitely want to return for longer period this time  (Bangkok 5 days, Phuket 5 days and Phi Phi 7 days )

One of Kamala front beach restaurant
Kamala Beach

Important Information about Thailand

Thailand at a Glance: As mentioned you will find greenery mountains, pastures and lush jungle in the north of the country and beautiful islands in the south with crystal clear waters. Chiang Mai is the largest city in the north and is a cultural hub, while Bangkok which is the capital city, is where most international flights will land. A night before flying to South Africa for my winter break – I had a great pleasure of experiencing the night life and incredible cuisine. I love Thailand and I need to return AGAIN 🙂

Currency in Thailand: Thai Baht | 2020 Conversion Rate: 100 THB = R54,98

China conversion: Thai Baht = ¥22,79

Tipping in Thailand: Unless you’re somewhere fancy, tipping is not expected, well- I was not shocked because even in China is not really expected. However, it is common to leave loose change at a restaurant, and the gesture will highly be appreciated.

Common Language & Helpful Phrases: in Thai world

  • Hello = sa-wat-dee ka (female) | sa-wat-dee kap (male)
  • Thank you = kop-koon ka (female) | kop-koon kap (male)
  • Not spicy = mai pet | little bit spicy = pet noi | very spicy = pet mak
  • Beer = bia
  • Delicious = a-roy
  • Bathroom = hong-num
  • How much? = nee gee baht?
  • Too expensive = feng-mak-pie
  • Don’t want = mai ow
Phi Phi & Bamboo Island (many awesome Islands)

Thailand was the first destination I had traveled to and it turned into a solo trip. The people that had traveled with us decided to go to Krabi Province the same day they arrived in Phuket and left me alone in the foreign land – he he he “some friends we do have sometimes, smh 🤦‍♀️ ; it was the shock of my life but life had to move on. I invested my coins in this trip- I had to suck it in and keep moving and honestly, I really enjoyed it regardless- so the next day I hopped on ferry with the other lady who had joined us for this trip and we went to Phi Phi Island together, we explored the island, went to more that 10 islands with just baht 1300 , Oh boy; didn’t we meet hotties from Switzerland in the island? Fine, open-minded and educated yummy men, lol and a day before my departure- I went to Bangkok – the life there is wild too, modern and super foreigner friendly

So as as a young travel planner, I ticked off a big bucket list partying until sunrise at the Full Moon Party in Phi Phi Island- it was wild guys ~ 😂. Despite the unforeseen circumstances in this vacation, it remains one of the most vibrant, fulfilling, memorable and beautiful trip that I have ever taken in my life. Thailand got so much to offer travelers in this beautiful and bustling country.

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