GGV is not your average travel agency. Is been over 4 years we have been creating tailor-made vacations,honeymoon, destination parties, cruises in Cape Town, anniversaries and group vacations under division of PKini Pty (LTD) clothing and travelling company in South Africa. We have clients that are always happy to use our services around the world.


Every vacation we create is unique and tailored just for our clients. Tell us where you want to go and we will take care of the rest.


We hand-select the hotels and activities that we work with regularly.


Our philosophy is simple: wanderlust. It reflects in our selection of exquisite boutique hotels, experience and activities

What People Say

Thank you so much foe helping us with your last~minute trip… it really helped us

Tom Lebaka

I would use your services any day… thank you so much with your expertise and patience. I know it was easy to pick this honeymoon destination but your recommendations helped a lot.

J. K. Gouws

Shout Out to PKini and Leisure Travel you guys are the best, I wish you the best with your sector of Glam Group Vacations… thank you for my last destination party, my friends and I enjoyed so much.

Lindiwe Nkwe

Let’s build something together.

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